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"It is just that success is a process and your unstoppable passion and commitment to the process make all the difference." - Vipul Mittal, CPA

CMA Exam training by Vipul Mittal

You cannot find a better teacher than Vipul Mittal for CMA training. His teaching career spans over two and a half decades and includes subjects like financial accounting, cost accounting, auditing and taxation to name a few. Over a period of last 25 years, he has written several books, articles and blogs on various different issues, that primarily includes accountancy, auditing, taxation and management. In addition to his academic background, Vipul Mittal has had extensive experience in industry.

Why CMA?

US CMAs are sought after by global organizations for knowledge the bring to the organization and the impact they can make on any business. With the US CMA you can choose from a wide range of careers in business. CMAs have knowledge to make valuable contributions in accounting and finance. It is observed that the rate of career progression is faster for CMAs. 79% of the CMAs say the certification gave them career advancement oppurtunities. US CMAs bring the expertise needed to make a difference to the recruiters in today's dynamic world. The US CMA provides you with the kind of expertise you need in order to excel in your job and therefore US CMAs are valued by employers.

Most candidates complete the CMA program within 9 to 12 months. The U.S. CMA certiication helps you master the 12 most critical practice areas of management accounting.
  • External financial reporting decisions
  • Planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • Performance management
  • Cost management
  • Internal controls
  • Technology and analytics
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Corporate finance
  • Decision analysis
  • Risk management
  • Investment decisions
  • Professional ethics
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