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"When it is a marathon to reach the destination, the winner is not the one who takes it in fun, perhaps the winner is also not the one who takes it more than a run, but the winner certainly is the one who unceasingly runs." - Vipul Mittal, CPA

Study Materials

Designed For Today's Students

Designed for today’s students, the study materials have an innovative and high-impact writing style that explain all the topics and concepts clearly and concisely. The author has used a variety of pedagogical tools to ensure that the learning is smooth and effective. The author has used direct sentences and step-by-step calculations in order to provide an easy-to-follow structure to the students, without compromising content or rigor.

Complete and Current

The content in the study materials is self-contained and sufficient to address effectively the learning targets of the curriculum. The content is not only current but also relevant and accurate. The core elements of the subject curriculum are included. We have made every effort to ensure that no superfluous information is covered.

Example and Illustrations

There are adequate examples and illustrations that are not only interesting but also relevant to students’ experience.

Difficulty Level

The level of difficulty of the content is consistent with the examination requirements. An appropriate balance is maintained between depth and breadth in the treatment of the subject content.

Appropriate Structure

An appropriate structure of the content is provided to students to ensure quick and smooth learning. The content sequence is not only appropriate and but also logical.


The content explains concepts using mnemonics that not only facilitate easy recall but also make sense.

What Our Students Say

"I found Crosswalk CPA study materials and videos very precise, compact and easy to understand." - Swati (Gurgaon, Haryana), CMA - Big four

"Study material provided by the institute is to the point and completely exam oriented. One only needs to refer the study material provided and focus on the concepts covered in the study material rather than running for questions from different sources." - Neha (Raebareli, U.P), Semi-Qualified CA - MNC

"The study material is drafted in such a fashion that it is easy to understand and memorise." - Sahil (New Delhi), CA, CS, LLB - MNC

"The program compliments well the study material which is quite comprehensive and meets all learning needs for the US CPA exam." - Prateet (Gurgaon, Haryana), CA - CA firm

"If you really want to study from the best and the most updated study material, get understanding on concepts, interact with the best teachers and get proper guidance, then choose Crosswalk.” - Saurabh (Bhopal, M.P), MBA

"The content is really good, the books are nice and it is in the simplest language." - Sarvagya (Lucknow, U.P.)


Best Guide You Can Get

Vipul Mittal is a licensed CPA and has authored the books for the course. His teaching career spans over two and a half decades and includes subjects like accounting, auditing, taxation and management to name a few. Vipul Mittal co-founded Crosswalk Education. He earned his bachelor's and master's in commerce from the University of Delhi. He was awarded the Gold Medal by Sri Venkateswara College (University of Delhi) for securing top grades in B.Com (Hons.).

In addition to his academic background, Vipul has had extensive experience in industry. Vipul Mittal spends his entire time improving the content and doing necessary research related to the CPA exam content. Vipul Mittal currently teaches at our Gurgaon center.

What Our Students Say

"Vipul sir is no doubt one of the Top Accounting (US GAAP & IFRS) Coaches worldwide." - Pankaj (Gurgaon, Haryana), MNC

"Vipul Mittal sir is a genius teacher and the way he explained the concepts of different subjects is very phenomenal." - Akshay (Jalandhar, Punjab) - MNC

"Vipul Sir is a great teacher with a sound grip on the subject." - Vipin (New Delhi), CA - MNC

"Mittal sir has a vast knowledge and most importantly he explains us topics with very relevant examples." - Shailesh (Faridabad, U.P), MBA - MNC

"Vipul Mittal sir also guides the students on time management and the importance of conceptual clarity through continuous revision of the topics simultaneously." - Ashish (New Delhi), CA - MNC

"Vipul Sir is a complete veteran and demonstrates strong knowledge about each and every topic. His way of amplifying upon required points is commendable." - Pooja (New Delhi), MBA - MNC

"Vipul Mittal sir explains each and every concept with examples, so it becomes easy to relate any concept to the real life scenario.” - Rishabh (New Delhi), MBA - MNC

"Vipul sir is a profound professor having a teaching experience of two and a half decades."- Shivani (Gurgaon, Haryana) - MNC


Live Online Sessions

In order to make sure you pass the exam, we arrange webinars for all our students. These webinars facilitate the academic success of our students.

What Our Students Say

"Amid ongoing pandemic of COVID 19, live interactive webinars have been a real savior. I used to never prefer online classes but the way Crosswalk is taking webinars forward, I am bound to say it is one of the best substitutes of physical classes." - Pooja (New Delhi), MBA - MNC

"Webinars conducted on weekends is very knowledgeable as the teaching is baked with multiple examples which helps to develop the foundation very strong and understand all the vibes of the concepts. Webinar sessions are very detailed." - Gunjan (Gurgaon, Haryana), MBA - MNC

"Sunday webinars are outstanding." - Afsheen (New Delhi,), CA - Public sector

"Webinar sessions are proving to be really helpful." - Nadeem (Aligarh, U.P), MBA

“Quality of webinars is very good as topics are well explained and Vipul sir spend a lot of time to make sure we understand the concepts. I really like to be there in the (webinar) class when he is teaching.” - Neeraj (New Delhi), MBA, Semiqualified CWA - MNC

End-To-End Support

True and Prompt

We provide end-to-end support. We have experts who guide our students in choosing the evaluating agency and the state board, in making the exam application, and in preparing in the right and structured manner.

What Our Students Say

"Deepti Ma'am is always available to listen my queries and helped me a lot in taking right steps towards achieving my goals." - Akshay (Jalandhar, Punjab) - MNC

"Crosswalk is capsuled with unique teaching style baked with wonderful content and handholding admin support at a very reasonable price."- Gunjan (Gurgaon, Haryana), MBA - MNC

"From the very beginning of this year you've been there to answer every query. The exam process is so tough. You have a big part in facilitating all this. I thank you." - Shweta (Hyderabad, Telengana) - MNC

"Deepti provides responsive personal support that is superior to any other review course in the region." - Pankaj (Gurgaon, Haryana), MNC

"Excellent support is provided from the time you make your first call." - Neeraj (New Delhi), MBA, Semiqualified CWA - MNC

Online Question Bank

Huge Inventory of Questions

We provide a large number of multiple-choice questions that our students may practice. Our question bank includes questions released by the AICPA.

What Our Students Say

"The content/ material has numerous examples from practical life which one can relate to and understand the concepts thoroughly. Each chapter is followed by a number of MCQs which helps to test the understanding of the concepts and provides more clarity on the topic." - Ashish (New Delhi), CA - MNC

"The Mock Papers and MCQ'S provided by the institute are of a great help." - Rahul (Amritsar, Punjab), CA - Big Four

"A wide range of MCQ, simulation to practice and mock papers in exam like environment, has made my journey and learning easy." - Shilpi (Noida, U.P.), CWA, CS, IFRS Certified, M.Com. - MNC

Online Query Support

Ask Questions with a Click of a Button

We provide online support to our students on any issue pertaining to the content. Our training team includes senior educators from academia and the industry. Students enrolled in online training model can ask questions online with a click of a button and get answers. The answers to students’ questions are answered by a CPA. These answers are reviewed by another instructor.

What Our Students Say

"It is a good feature. I have used it various times for REG and have received replies in less than 24 hours." - Neeraj (New Delhi), MBA, Semiqualified CWA - MNC

"Crosswalk has been playing a pivotal role in making me prepare for CPA exam via various avenues like enriched study notes, user friendly online portal and query support system." - Pooja (New Delhi), MBA - MNC

"Remarkable query support that I noticed from the very first day of my joining." - Gunjan (Gurgaon, Haryana), MBA - MNC

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