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CPA exam blueprint mapped teaching by Vipul Mittal.

Crosswalk is the first Indian entity to get all the necessary permissions from the AICPA.

Bridge Course: Get Necessary Credits for Free

If you are not eligible to sit for the CPA exam because you do not have the required credit points or you do not have the credit points required for obtaining license, you do not have to worry. We help you get those additional credit points through a bridge course. This bridge course is integrated with our course. Because you are a Crosswalk student, you do not have to pay anything for the bridge course. You get it absolutely free.

Value per se!

"It is your present not your past that designs your future; it is your attitude not your aptitude that determines your success; and it is your intrinsic value not your face value that defines you." - Vipul Mittal, CPA

Myth or Fact!

It's a myth that US CPA Exam questions are from any particular book, any particular CPA Review Course or any particular software. On the examination day, you will not find questions from any of the CPA Review Courses or software. You need to have good knowledge and understanding of concepts. So, the rule to pass the CPA exam is not difficult to understand, "Focus on concepts not questions".

It is a myth that buying any CPA Review Course will make you a CPA in a few months. Any CPA Review Course that makes such a statement is doing this just to sell its product. No review course has a magic wand. You have to judge which CPA Review Course is giving you knowledge and understanding and which CPA Review Course is making you a fool.

Best CPA Exam Training Software

We provide the best CPA exam training software, but no software can make you pass the CPA exam. It is only your knowledge that takes your through.

CPA Exam Training is Not a Product

CPA exam training is not a product. It is a service and quality matters, particularly when the failure is costly. So, don't place your career in the hands of any product when you need an immensely knowledgeable mentor. On the examination day, a product is not tested but your knowledge certainly is.

Switch to Crosswalk and Save

It is challenging to find a CPA Review Course that imparts knowledge and ensures that you pass the CPA exam. If you have purchased a previous CPA Review Course and you are not satisfied with your CPA Review Course provider or not able to pass the CPA exam using your CPA Review Course, switch to Crosswalk CPA Review and save up to INR 60,000. You cannot find a better teacher than Vipul Mittal for your CPA exam preparation. We want you to pass the CPA exam and help you reach your goals.

Pass Guarantee

We are very confident in the quality of materials that we provide and that you will pass the CPA exam by using Crosswalk CPA Review Materials. But what if you do not pass the exam? We will reimburse 100% of the CPA exam fee. The pass guarantee gives you an extra level of protection and the comfort of knowing that if you are unable to pass the CPA exam, you will receive 100% reimbursement of the CPA exam fee.

Study from a Teacher Not a Translator

100% Teaching - 0% Translation

Crosswalk is a registered course provider with the AICPA.

Pass Guarantee Terms

You should appear for the CPA exam within 15 months of your enrollment with Crosswalk. In case you fail to pass any one or more sections of the CPA exam, Crosswalk will reimburse 100% of your CPA exam fee (other than application fee, registration fee and international testing fee) for the failed sections.


Job Placement

We not only help our students in passing the exam but also provide job placement. Our team of marketing and technical experts have good connects with many renowned companies, which help you get a strong foothold in the required sector.

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